Some Imagination, Huh?

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The Bee’s Knees!


Nikki goes to Disney: Bunny kisses from Thumper! 


Nikki goes to Disney: Meeting Thumper at Springtime Roundup with Miss Bunny! 


Nikki goes to Disney: I finally met my favorite bunny rabbit, Thumper, at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree’s Springtime Roundup! Miss Bunny joined in on the fun too  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Nikki goes to Disney: So Sarah went up to Tink holding her fan and Tink became curious.

“What did you bring for me?” 

"A fan!"

"A what? It looks kinda like a hat to me?"

"No Tink! You’re supposed to use it to cool down like this!"

"OH! I get it! You used this to fight off the sun that the light fairies are bringing, aren’t ya?"


Nikki goes to Disney: I came up to Peter after exiting Pixie Hollow with a fan to cool myself down and he cheekily asked me “Are you a fan of me?” I also went though the official Lost Girl test (on a video that I’ll post later) and got a booped on the nose. 


Nikki goes to Disney: In which I’m trying my best to avoid and scold Hades because he snuck up behind me earlier that day. I turned around to see him staring at me with those yellow eyes and screamed my butt off, causing the whole line to laugh at me. Herc and Meg said he was a big softie on the inside, to which Hades replied with his cute pose.